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godric's Journal

Godric Gryffindor
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My name is Godric, and I'm a Neopet. Don't know what that is? Why not check it out??

I'm a red Darigan Eyrie. I'm the strongest pet in my family, so I have to take care of them... I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to mistletoe. At least, if I'm not, I'm deathly afraid of it o____O;; I love omelettes and I eat them as often as I can, even if my owner DOES tease me about being overweight >.<

Note: This journal is for Role-playing purposes. GodricGryffind0r is a fictional character and belongs to gryffinrose

Disclaimer: I do not own Neopets, their characters, or even objects and places associated with their world. They belong to Neopets.com and I make no claim to them. I am not doing this for money, but for my own enjoyment. :)